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Fast Gear, Pinion and Arbor Cutting Service


Parts machined and fabricated.  Period replacement parts sourced.

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Dial Restoration and Replacement Period Hands


Brass dials repaired, resilvered and refinished.

Replacement dial work and associated engraving.

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Period, steel clock hands made and finished...

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Early Verge Escapement - Reconversion


Lantern clock balance and verge pendulum escapements reinstated from anchor.

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Specialising in Early London Clockmakers


Antique clocks for sale / Antique clock repair, restoration, sourcing, and relocation services

Clocks Currently Available


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  • Early clocks bought, sourced, and sold including bracket, lantern, longcase, and wall clocks
  • 30 hour and 8-day brass dialled movements, London and provincial
  • High quality replica cases and movements are also traded
  • Later period clocks including Fusee dial clocks

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Movements / Dials and Components Currently Available


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Peter Closon Lantern Clock Article

My study attributing a full sized London lantern clock (as surfaced - DEC 2009) as a product from the workshops of Peter Closon – ‘Neer Holburn Bridge’ London’, a prolific maker of these clocks from 1625-1660 in the Lothbury clockmakers’ district in London. The clock was sold on to a customer unrestored.

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Clockmakers’ Company Masters and their Apprentices. Transcribed from Atkins’ list of 1931


A lifetime of interest and experience... NAWCC# 71355 since 1975


I've been involved with antique clock restoration since a teenager in the 1970s, spending summers working with my uncle in Clerkenwell London learning horological skills.  My father was a trained English cabinetmaker from whom I learned case work.  During my undergraduate years at Michigan State University and throughout my commercial scientific career, I remained active in the restoration and trading of earlier antique clocks. In 1984 I established a modest shopfront trade partnership on the Boston North Shore, relocating to the UK in 2003. during my professional life I'd been lucky to have been involved with art history conservation projects with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale Museum of British Art, and other important museums.   A member of the National Association of Clock Collectors for over 30 years, I've taken part in numerous technical, historical, an conservation seminars. 

I look forward to assisting the collector however I can.


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Currently undertaking work with a typical 30 day turn around time for overhauls and dials, and <5 days for machine work.

Always looking for consignments and I can offer a clock / maker location service in addition to a short list of affordable, quality 17th-18th century clocks currently for sale. 

Early Antique Clock Restorations Sales & Services

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