1st Quality 6c. Ren Lute After Gerle (by noted luthier Stephen Haddock ~2014)

Due to lack of use I've decided to sell my Gerle Lute, the one used in the recent BBC series Wolf Hall.

Well cared for. Includes hard case. Good gut frets.

String length (nut to bridge): 61cm.  Overall length: 69cm

Stansted Essex UK location.  I can help buyer arrange courier (FedEx/DHL etc.) shipment internationally via ParcelBroker.co.uk <£90 tracked / insured EEU/N.America.

£1500 or next offer

Inspection / collection welcome.


+44 7595 180138


From: Stephen Haddock <stephenjhaddock@outlook.com>

Date: 21 September 2016 at 17:07:25 BST

To: "gcoxuk@googlemail.com" <gcoxuk@googlemail.com>

Subject: RE: Ex BBC Gerle lute

....The Gerle lute does differ from the Hieber lutes which I supply to the EMS,both in the outline and the depth of the body,it being slightly larger and deeper than the EMS Hieber lute which is based on a later model.

The late lute maker Robert Lungberg believes that the Georg Gerle lute was built c 1580 as a replica of an antique. Built for a Royal Collection,and to illustrate what they felt the earlier instruments looked like. The Gerle is a fairly good example of a lute circa 1480.


The Gerle lute was made as a one off instrument for myself to play, prior to me being contacted by Wolf Hall Productions,who brought the lute from me for the BBC Wolf Hall series.

The lute was made to the David Van Edwards plan of the six course Gerle instrument.David Van Edwards is probably one of the most knowledgeable makers in the world of lutes,so I guess you could say it is historically accurate.

Having said makers that draw plans for lutes will at times alter dimensions which they think will not be to a players advantage.This is the case with the original Hieber lute which has an extremely narrow neck,almost unplayable.

At this moment in time all of my lute making work is done exclusively for EMS.

Regards Stephen Haddock.