Movements / Dials for Sale

Lantern Clock - Square Dialed Longcase Movement 'Richd Rooker-Kingstreet, Smithfield, London' C 1685

Standard sized lantern clock 11 inch square dialed Longcase movement by / signed 'Richd Rooker-King Street, Smithfield, London'.  100% original (modern rope).  C ~1685.  An untouched example with much character.  40 hour time / count wheel bell strike, original early anchor escapement.

£1750. Serviced. Can be supplied with weight and period pendulum.

Good 11 Inch Dial, 8 Day Movement C 1690 'Thos. Davis - London'

Another fine late time and bell striking 17th C London longcase movement. 11 inch dial, solid dial plate. Ready to run, this can be supplied with weights and pendulum. Inside great wheel count wheel. Very rare 'latched plates' are featured by this mid 17th century maker, usually found only on the finest quality clocks some 40 years earlier.


Pristine 12 Inch, 8 Day Movement C 1690 'Jon Spencer - London'

A near mint condition 12 inch dialed late 17th century movement by Jonathon Spencer. Ready to run. Can be supplied with pendulum and weights. High quality, with a solid dial plate and nice early high domed collets. Original with no modifications or major repairs, this movement has an unusual outside winding drum integral cast count wheel.


Pristine Regency White 12 inch Painted Dial 8-Day Longcase Movement 'Thos. Strange - London'

A pristine, original movement / dial / hand set / seatboard set. Thomas Strange (Kingston) London, C 1805.

Synthetic gut strung, less pulleys, pendulum, and weights (which can be provided). 8Day time and rack type bell striking on the hour. Serviced and fully operational.


Pristine Late 17th C Movement / Dial by 'Thomas Hurley' Essex

A rare, good and original, large, early 30-hour Longcase movement in mint condition by noted quality maker Thomas Hurly ('Coggs Hall', Essex). 12 inch dial, time and strike, with rope and pulley, restored, oiled and ready to run.  Nice London influenced style.  C 1690-1700. Period weight and pendulum.