Movements / Dials for Sale

Pristine Regency White 12 inch Painted Dial 8-Day Longcase Movement 'Thos. Strange - London'

A pristine, original movement / dial / hand set / seatboard set. Thomas Strange (Kingston) London, C 1805.

Synthetic gut strung, less pulleys, pendulum, and weights (which can be provided). 8Day time and bell striking on the hour. Serviced and fully operational.


Pristine Late 17th C Movement / Dial by 'Thomas Hurley' Essex

A rare, good and original, large, early 30-hour Longcase movement in mint condition by noted quality maker Thomas Hurly ('Coggs Hall', Essex). 12 inch dial, time and strike, with rope and pulley, restored, oiled and ready to run.  Nice London influenced style.  C 1690-1700. Period weight and pendulum.