Rare Small Size London Lantern Clock 'Thos. Parker Londini Fecit' c1680

A rare London lantern clock of small size, in between standard size and miniature, signed 'Thos Parker, Londoni Fecit'. Original bell strap with urn finial with conforming finials between foliate frets, the signed 4.5" Roman dial with cruciform half hour markers, the twin train weight driven movement with verge escapement, countwheel strike and shaped steel hammer stop. Supplied with later wooden bracket. 27cm high.

Thomas Parker was freed 1669 and worked until ~1684.

Restored, running well.


7 Inch Square Dial London Lantern clock c1690 by 'Francis Stamper-London' - Victorian Fusee

This original case was refitted with a quality chain driven 8-day fusee movement circa 1870; the original top and bottom plates fitted with polished brass covers, and matching doors at that time. This clock retains the original single hand and alarm disk.

The clock remains a single handed clock indicating the hours to the nearest 1/4 hour; the minute hand shaft has a black knurled nut allowing the hourly passing strike to be synchronised and time set.  It never had a minute hand fitted and so retains the original lantern look unlike those refitted with a minute hand. Includes a key.

Stamper was apprenticed to Samuel Davis, freed / working 1675-1700. 

SOLD (good value at £590)

Miniature Square Dial Lantern Clock 'Markwick - London' c 1690

A rare miniature striking / alarm, verge pendulum, hooded case lantern clock.  Signed by maker James Markwick Sr, 5 1/2 inch dial.  Fine quality work. Supplied with a later bespoke, ebonised oak hooded wall clock case. Solid silver alarm disk. Near mint, and original.

£3500. Restored

Miniature Time / Alarm Lantern Clock 'Rosse - London' c 1700

Real nice, good, time/alarm lantern clock. By and signed 'Wm Rosse - London', apprenticed to noted Lothbury lantern clock maker Thos. Wheeler in 1683. Verge pendulum, 4 inch dial. Original throughout.

(£2850. Fully restored)